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studiare italiano online è:

comodo, perché non ti muovi da casa e lo fai quando vuoi;

efficace, perché lo metti in pratica e il ritmo è adeguato a te;

divertente, perché le attività sono sempre diverse e stimolanti;

flessibile, perché decidi tu il tuo orario.



Nowadays, we look to carry out activities that provide us with something more than mere knowledge.

We choose our activities taking into account a natural liking, taste, or inclination towards them; and when something really motivates us, we push ourselves to such an extent that we reach our goals.

I favour innovation in all of my online lessons. When teaching, I include an emotional component and create a connection with my students, in order to give them a perfectly adapted training.

I also include concentration techniques that help working in a more effective way while my students develop their aural, oral, reading and writing skills.

Let me invite you to have a look at all the different Online Italian activities that I run (lessons, conversation, and translation) and if you feel like it, don't hesitate to contact me! It would be a pleasure to hear from you

Thanks a lot and welcome!

Best regards,

Alessandro Meloni