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studiare italiano online è:

comodo, perché non ti muovi da casa e lo fai quando vuoi;

efficace, perché lo metti in pratica e il ritmo è adeguato a te;

divertente, perché le attività sono sempre diverse e stimolanti;

flessibile, perché decidi tu il tuo orario.


caffè italiano

"relaxing online conversational sessions"

Why is it called “caffè italiano”?

It is essential to feel relaxed, comfortable and eager to have a good time. The title makes reference to a moment of relaxation, enjoying something with a friend in an Italian “Caffè”. Spontaneity is the first objective we try to achieve with these online sessions, since a language is a tool to communicate our thoughts.


What we offer?

With this activity you will improve all aspects of your spoken language skills: spontaneity, efficiency when interacting, improvement when using grammar structures, vocabulary accuracy, pronunciation and intonation, and typical Italian gestures.

How it works?

  • First of all, the student is asked to relax.
  • The tutor introduces some stimuli in the form of inputs. These can be evocative images, videos, texts, songs, or even some words.
  • The student is asked to express his/her ideas, transforming his/her thoughts into words.
  • Teaching methods work in the same way, by reinforcing the language structures by putting them into practice.
  • When the session is over, and when appropriate, the tutor and the student will analyse some expressions or structures in order to fix them properly.
  • The student suggests a topic for the following lesson (food, culture, art, leisure, news, cinema…).


No. Students ristretto espresso cappuccino
1 student
85 €, per 8
30’ sessions
115 €, per 8
45’ sessions
180 €, per 10
1 hour sessions
120 €, per 8
30’ sessions
160 €, per 8
45’ sessions
230 €, per 10
1 hour sessions