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studiare italiano online è:

comodo, perché non ti muovi da casa e lo fai quando vuoi;

efficace, perché lo metti in pratica e il ritmo è adeguato a te;

divertente, perché le attività sono sempre diverse e stimolanti;

flessibile, perché decidi tu il tuo orario.


online italian lessons

"Intensive courses, exam preparation and business Italian"

These lessons are suitable for those students who need an Italian course to learn or reinforce the language in a global sense: grammar, writing, reading and listening. Online lessons give us the opportunity to learn Italian not only in a more comfortable way, but also allow us to make the learning process more efficient and stimulating. This is because these lessons can be completely adapted to every student, by paying attention to his or her individual needs.

What these lessons offer

  • To learn or improve the Italian language.
  • Exam preparation such as CELI, CILS, PLIDA, ROMA 3 among others.
  • To learn or improve Italian at a professional or business level.
  • Intensive courses to improve Italian in a short term.

How they work

These online Italian lessons will be held through a video call (Skype or others) between the teacher and the student(s).

Every student will have an online space at his/her disposal, where all the grammar materials, texts, listening activities, videos, and personalised exercises will be uploaded. Moreover, this online space allows users to work through an interactive board, so both, teacher and student, can work simultaneously.


Required materials:

  • A good internet connection
  • A video call program (Skype or others)
  • Headphones


No. Students Pack 4 Pack 6 Pack 10
1 student
125 €, per 8
30’ sessions
165 €, per 8
45’ sessions
255 €, per 10
1 hour sessions
168 €, per 8
30’ sessions
228 €, per 8
45’ sessions
330 €, per 10
1 hour sessions
  • Pack 10: 2 x lessons a week per 60 minutes each. The course will run for 5 weeks
  • Pack 6: 2 x lessons a week per 45’ each. The course will run for 4 weeks
  • Pack 4: 2 x lessons a week per 30’. The course will run for 4 weeks
  • for further information, please contact [email protected]